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Overcoming an Attitude of Fear

Okay, so how many times in your life have you been fearful of something and ultimately realized there was nothing to fear at all? I would say most of us have had that experience innumerable times in our lives. It is a debilitating and derailing way to live. It sucks the joys of life right out of each of us, if we let it.

I like the way the great motivational speaker and teacher, Zig Ziglar puts it. He gets us thinking about the attitude of fear stopping us from becoming all we can be. He does it using the acronym FEAR. Here’s how he describes the acronym. The F stands for False. The E is for Evidence. The A is Appearing. Finally, the R stands for Real. In other words, he’s saying that most of our fears are really false evidence appearing real. Putting it another way, he’s saying that whatever fears we have about something, they are usually figments of our imagination and that when we confront the challenge head-on things were nothing like they seemed.

So, if our fears are mostly based on false assumptions about the reality, what can we do to overcome them? In my opinion there is only one answer to that question…Knowledge. When you know that you know, and…you know that you know…then, you know you have nothing to fear. Building on that thought, then, you overcome your fear by taking the time to objectively determine the facts not emotionally being limited by assumptions.

Overcoming an attitude of fear leads to a life of achievement and fulfullment rather than one of shrinking in a corner disappointment!

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