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Pace Yourself

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0441197Just a little friendly advice in this post’s title but that’s not all.  Where I’m really going with this isn’t about doing all things at a measured pace.  What I’m really talking about is slowing down sometimes to go fast at times.

Take communicating instructions to other people.  So often we get in a rush when doing this important task whether we’re talking to a family member, friend or colleague at work.  We want to get the hard part (giving instructions) over so we can more quickly get to the good part (the result).  The problem is when you rush your instructions you risk lack of understanding and the results, as a consequence aren’t good.  Slow down when giving instructions and you get faster results because the person being instructed has a greater chance of getting the result right the first time.

Similarly, when you’re trying to achieve something large in scope, shall we say, it can be better to go slow at first.  In other words, a large task where you’ve taken the time to organize your plan of attack can more easily, and on a timelier basis be achieved.  Getting organized usually requires you to slow down a little bit and think through the process before leaping headfirst into trying to complete the task.

Summarizing all this as succinctly as I can…it was Shakespeare who said:  “To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.”

By the way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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