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Passionate Purpose Achieves Peace

b2ap3_thumbnail_00407290We all crave varying degrees of it.  Some take a lifetime to achieve it.  Some people never get there no matter how hard they try.  Other people seem to live in a surreal world surrounded by it.  What’s it?  Peace of mind.

I suppose peace of mind could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  In general though, you are in a state of peace of mind when you are absent any mental stress or anxiety.  What a wonderful situation especially if that could be the condition for the tens of millions of people currently at risk throughout the various hot spots in the world.  Their lot in life would seem to be totally absent of any chance for peace of mind.

But, I wander from my key benefit for you in your reading the post.  For those of us lucky enough to be in more civilized circumstances achieving peace of mind comes down to a choice.  However, it can’t be just any old choice.  Your choices directed toward achieving peace of mind must be very strategic.  By strategic I mean you have a very specific purpose for making the particular choice.

Here’s the kicker in all this…whatever it is you’re trying to do (your purpose) has to have a passionate connection to the very core of who you are as a person.  In other words, you have to have a very strong sense of enthusiasm and excitement about the choice you are about to make.  It’s the passion behind the purpose that delivers your peace of mind when you make and act on the choice.

By definition then without passionate purpose, it is impossible for you to achieve peace of mind.

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