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Passionate Self-Discipline : Success

Having the will to drive your success requires passionate self-discipline.  You can’t grow until you have a passionate focus on your dreams and dedicate yourself to the discipline necessary to achieve those dreams.
One great example of why that statement is true is illustrated through the success of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Sam is now an American business icon and his ideas have impacted the entire world.  How did that happen?  After all, he was only a person with very ordinary beginnings.  Let’s put that statement into perspective.

If you have ever had the pleasure of driving around the square in beautiful, downtown Bentonville, Arkansas; parked your car; walked across the street to a small store-front with the name above the door, Walton’s; and strolled inside to tour his first store which is now a museum; you would understand what I mean about his ordinary beginnings.  Could it be that he was a person who had an idea…a dream that he kept clear in his vision, strong in his heart and acted on it over time despite the odds?  What a wonderful example of passionate self-discipline driving incredible success.


You have the potential for that same level of passionate self-discipline.  It’s there…I promise.  On the other hand, you might be saying, “I’ve lost it” or “I’ve never found it.”  Well, either way, go find it and keep using it and you won’t lose it…again!  You will realize your dreams.

The only difference between Sam Walton realizing his dreams and you realizing yours is passionate self-discipline.  Success is born of a dream that touches the passion in your heart in a way that disciplines you to do everything necessary to achieve that dream.

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