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Past Knowledge

Many times people ruin their lives by always living in their past.  They never let go of what happened so they can make something new and exciting happen.

The weight of their past feels like wearing a very heavy winter coat during a warm sping rain.  The heavy, wool coat becomes sodden with rain and drags them down while becoming way to close for comfort.  Living in the past can have the exact same impact in one’s life.

The past is sodden with the weight of things that you can’t do a thing about.  To give the past its due, it brought you something you had to know to get where you are.  That knowledge is for use in getting you where you want to go.  Your past experiences used in that way give you the chance for not making the same mistakes in the future.

Your past is nothing more than a body of knowledge.  Don’t dwell on it anymore than it takes for you to gain from that knowledge .  Use it to move on in your future.  With that knowledge, make something new and exciting happen!

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