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Past Present

b2ap3_thumbnail_00398967No, I’m not talking about a present you may have received in the past.  No, I’m not suggesting an oxymoron through the title of this post.  No, I’m not confused or have lost my mind.  Yes, I have a point!

Many times throughout your life you have probably heard someone say something like, you must live in the present otherwise you’re going to be frustrated and miss current opportunities.  There’s nothing wrong with that advice, by the way.  Staying in the present improves your focus and minimizes the chance that you will miss something.  It also reduces the stress in your life if you have the tendency to worry too much about the future to the exclusion of enjoying the present circumstances.

Another side of this whole topic is the people that spend most of their waking hours pining for the good old days.  They can’t break free from the past!  They’re convinced it was the best part of their life and, so, now and in the future things won’t be as good.

Here’s the trick in all this.  Allow the past to contribute to your present and your future.  You can’t change your past but you can learn from it and make your present and future life that much better.  In other words, make your past a present to your life going forward.

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