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Pay It

Here I go again…ranting about what it takes for you or any of us to achieve our potential in life.  Part of that potential is establishing some kind of connection to the spiritual aspects of life.  I didn’t say religious aspects.  I said SPIRITUAL!  I believe there’s a major difference.

For me at least, formalized religion, while based on spiritual origins, goes beyond the essence of the spiritual and into human-based dictates.  Those dictates while meaning to enhance our spiritual experiences in life sometimes create more barriers and guilt than they do spiritual connection.  Don’t take offense…that’s just my opinion!

I believe each of us has a price to pay, if we are going to connect with the essence of our individual spirituality.  The admission price at the ticket window to our spirituality is to be willing to pay a price greater than what we think the connection will be worth.

So, whether your pursuit of spiritual connection is through a particular religion or on a more metaphysical level, there’s a price to pay.  Only you can decide if you will pay it.  Pay it and add another dimension to your life.  Don’t pay it, and…well…I’ll let you finish the sentence.

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