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Pay the Rent!

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0435885We’ve all faced the challenge at one time or another, probably.  We’ve gotten to the end of the month and there’s more days until the dollars are there to pay the rent.  Inevitably, we do whatever it takes to leap the gap and get the landlord paid on a reasonably timely basis.

Well, think of your place in this world as a room to rent.  Your place in the world is your home and it should be just as emotionally important to you as is your real living quarters.  There’s nothing like home to give you a sense of comfort and security.

But, what about all those other people out there?  How can they feel that sense of comfort and security from their place in the world?  The answer is in what you do to help them.

It is Muhammad Ali who is reputed to have said the following:  “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”  If you want to keep your room and the sense of comfort and security it offers, you must help others to realize the same thing.

Each day, figure out what it is that could be, at least, an act of kindness toward a fellow human being.  Then, pay the rent by performing that act of kindness.

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