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Penny For Your Wealth

So here we are in the middle (or some would suggest the back end) of a world wide recession.  A recession that has been so disastrous across the economic spectrum that it has been referred to as “The Great Recession.”  As I understand it the only difference between an economic recession and depression is the depth of the economic hole we all fall into.  For too many of us the difference is just semantics!  If you doubt that, talk to a few of the millions of people that have been thrown out of work and have or are losing homes and everything else as a result.  Depression/Recession!  Who cares!  Those of us in the most pain need it fixed.

Which brings me to my ultimate point.  We all are always at economic risk in some way throughout our lives.  As children, it may have been the untimely death of the family breadwinner.  In our early adulthood, it was the burden of college loans, perhaps.  Later on we worried about what we would do if we lost our jobs.  Then, came the chasm of retirement and how to save enough money to survive economically through that life event.  And on and on!

The solution for all of us is simple in definition but, yes, difficult in practice.  However, we have to make the individual decision to do what it takes to live the definition in daily practice.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  Economic/financial wealth always starts with the first penny saved.  Poverty always persists when pennies aren’t valued.  Practice protecting your pennies and your ultimate wealth will be worth it!

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