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That was perfect! It’s perfectly done. It fits perfectly. If you can’t do it perfectly it’s not worth doing. He is a perfect idiot. That is a perfect example. It was a perfectly wonderful day…wedding…event…movie, etc. How perfect could it get? A perfect throw…serve…pass…kick…shot. Done to perfection. It was a perfect performance. And on…and on!

Might I suggest the above observations confirm an inappropriate emphasis on the concept of “perfect?” The question is anything truly and absolutely perfect? Striving for perfection is a journey toward maximum improvement not an absolute destination. It’s an ideal. If perfection could be consistently achieved what defines the next level of success at anything? In short, in this life at least, there is always room for improvement.

I believe the concept of “perfect” can be limiting. Too much emphasis on that level of achievement squelches even starting a task or whatever. We think, “If I can’t get it done perfectly, then I shouldn’t even try.” May I suggest having an attitude of done to the best of your ability is better than waiting until you can do whatever perfectly.

Consider one dictionary’s definition of the word, perfect, and its various iterations. “1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind. 2. In a state of undiminished or highest excellence; without defect; flawless. 3. Completely skilled or talented in a certain field or area. 4. Completely reproducing or corresponding to a type or original; accurate; exact. 5. Complete; thorough; utter. 6. Pure; undiluted unmixed. 7. Excellent and delightful in all respects. 8. The state, quality, or condition of being perfect. 9. A person or thing considered to be perfect. 10. An instance or quality of excellence. 11. A propensity for setting extremely high standards and being displeased with anything less.”

The bottom-line on all this is life is like playing a musical instrument. Don’t have an attitude of waiting to start until you think you will do it perfectly. That would be a “perfect” example of life passing you by!

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