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Perfection Personified

The word perfection can carry with it a connotation that is almost overwhelming.  I mean…think about just one definition of the word:  “The state of having all the required elements or qualities.”  Now, that can seem to be overwhelming…”all the required”…!

As you think about you as a person and your pursuit of success, it can be just as overwhelming.  Success, however you may define it, can seem so distant…so elevated above where you currently are in your life.  It can seem to require you obtain multiple qualities and elements that are outside your potential.

But, if you are going to personify (represent qualities or elements of success) you must strive for perfection.  That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.  It means you are constantly trying to be perfect.

Given your humanity, perfection personified is not perfect.  It’s potential being realized in small increments each and everyday of your life that gives you a sense of well-being toward your pursuit of success.  Perfection personified is a pursuit not a destination.

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