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Personal Balance Keeps You from Being Broke

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438797It sounds like I’m talking about your financial well-being, doesn’t it?  Well, no.  What I am talking about when referring to the word, broke, in particular, is in regard to psychological or even physical damage.  Also, when I refer to the words, personal balance, I’m not talking about your banking or investment balances.  Here, I’m referring to the balance in your life between family, physical health, passionate interests and work.

So, we have that information as background…now, let’s put it all together into some meaning that can be helpful to you.

The more balanced you are in your life the greater your psychological and physical health.  Conversely, if you find yourself overdoing any aspect of your life to the detriment of other aspects you will go psychologically or physically broke.  One example…if work efforts are chewing into the time you feel you have to devote to physical fitness, your work will absolutely eat up your physical health over time.  Things will deteriorate for you in your family relationships and time devoted to your passionate other interests, as well.  In no time you will become a broken person in total which makes you incomplete absolutely.

You have to define very clearly what is important to you.  I’ve given you four aspects of your life to consider:  family, physical health, passionate interests and work.  Then, you have to discipline your choices in each so that you allow relatively equal time for each.

My list of aspects in your life which you should be keeping in balance is exactly that…my list.  You have to define your list of what needs to stay in balance for you to become all you can be.  When you stay in balance regarding your list of what’s important, what’s even more important is you build a life of unbroken promise.

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