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Have you ever been confused by your own perspective on something? I’m talking about a situation where you were absolutely convinced you had a clear perspective on a situation and that your perspective was absolutely correct. There was no doubt about it…you were right!

I’ll give you a personal example that happened to me to illustrate my point. The example involves my morning jog. Many times while on these jogs I will see my wife pass by me in her car on her way to her morning workout at the YMCA. As she passes, we will wave to each other and continue on our merry way and not see each other again until the end of the business day.

This morning was no exception to that routine. I’m out jogging. My wife passes by in her car and we wave to each other (actually, I salute her…don’t ask me why…it’s just something I got in the habit of doing).

However, my perspective played a trick on me this morning before she actually did drive by in her car. I’m jogging along enjoying the moment, the fresh morning air and anticipating that my wife would soon be driving by and I would not want to miss my chance to wave. I’m intently listening as I hear the sounds of each car approach before they actually come into view. Then, I see it! It’s her car and I snap off a smart salute and continue on…this time sheepishly embarrassed. Right, it was a Lexus RX but WRONG, it was not her’s.

My perspective was so clear that it was her approaching that I never questioned it. I went through my normal silly routine of greeting her and paid the price for being so absolutely sure it was her. I wonder what the guy in the car thought as he drove by and I gave him a smart salute? Would his perspective that I clearly was an idiot, or whatever, be correct?

The point is we all have to recognize that many times in life our perspective of things is not the reality, regardless of how right we think we are. To have the greatest fulfillment in life we have to train ourselves to not think in absolutes about the clarity of our perspective. We have to be willing to test our perspective by listening more intently; looking at situations from all angles; and withholding our final judgment until we have done both of those things thoroughly. Be picky to provide purity to your perspective.

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