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Physical Posture Contributes to Your Potential

Your potential is nothing more than your capability to develop into something that becomes an actuality.  Now, that might sound confusing but it really is very simple.  Think of it this way…what you are now gives you the capability to become something else in the future.  The key is to take all the necessary actions to become that future something.

Well, one of those actions is you must get your personal presence together.  You know as well as I do people do “judge the book by its cover.”  And, it is that quick judgment that, within a few seconds, will drive them to pick up the book and begin to consider why they might be interested in it.  Don’t believe me…Google, “the importance of a book’s cover to successful sales,” and you will get over 180,000,000 results.  Hello!!  People will never be interested in the great content of a book until they respond emotionally to what the cover is communicating to them.

So it is with you and your potential.  You cannot reach that potential all by your lonesome.  You will need other people to help you make the journey in many ways.  Those people could be everything from mentors to consumers of your ideas just to name a few.  The problem is people will not be there for you if they don’t comfortably relate to you.

Your physical posture; the way you dress; and the way you speak are all a part of your “book cover.”  People look at the total composition of those three factors about you and make a very quick judgment about whether they can relate to you.

Whatever you see as your potential in life attune your physical posture, dress and speech patterns to it.  All that means is a rock star clearly will look different than a New York banker.  It doesn’t make either one better.  It makes them appropriately packaged to realize their chosen potential.  How about you?


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