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Pixels in Photography Are Just As Critical to Your Clarity on Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_center-419867_1280I don’t know about you but until a relatively few years ago I never heard of the word, pixels.  I still struggle with the concept and, recently, had to look up the definition just to try and get clear again on what pixels really are.  Okay, so now I know they are small dots that contribute to the overall image on a TV or computer screen, etc.

Frankly, of all the thousands of pictures I’ve looked at over the years I always thought of them as just pictures…not pixels making up a picture!  However, when you really dig into the idea behind pixels, it becomes readily apparent how important they are to the overall quality of the image at which you are looking.  In fact, if the pixels weren’t there, the picture wouldn’t exist!  Yikes!  Who knew!

Furthermore, if the number of pixels is too sparse the picture becomes less clear.  High Definition is what it is in part because of the density of the pixels.  In short, the more the clearer!  And, then it hit me!

If the number of pixels is critical to the quality of an image, they must be important to the quality of your picture of success.  Putting that another way, you can’t have a clear picture of your success without including a high number of “pixels.”

  • The “pixels” that are critical to your clarity on what success will be for you are:
  • A vision born of a passionate desire for whatever it is you define as success
  • A written, detailed plan of action for realizing your vision
  • Goals within the plan that include 5 “pixels”

o   They are clear on what specifically you want to achieve

o   They can be clearly measured as to the progress you are making toward them

o   They are not unrealistic and, therefore, achievable with your concerted effort

o   They are very relevant to you because you know exactly why they are important

o   They are clear about when you will achieve each goal

  • Your commitment to be action oriented in fulfilling your vision

Remember…the big picture of your success is there because you connected a lot of tiny dots.


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