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Plough Ahead

It’s the depths of winter in the northeast U.S.  I know that because as I write this post I’m in the Philadelphia area where they received as much as a foot-and-a-half of snow overnight.  It’s a pretty sight but filled with a lot of plight.  Pardon the limerick but it just came over me and I couldn’t resist.  But, the fact is a lot of people are under a great deal of duress given the weather conditions and the related impact on so many areas of daily life.

As the snowplows ply the highways and byways in the area, so are people doing what they can do to plough ahead and get their life back in order.  Today, it’s about a massive snow storm and the disruptions it can bring.  Tomorrow it may be something else…an illness in the family…loss of a job…or, a myriad of other disruptive personal events.

Regardless of the disruptions you experience in life, you must plough ahead.  You can’t allow yourself to be buried in a massive drift of negative events.  Keep moving forward and you won’t be overwhelmed.  Stop and you will be consumed in the blizzard of negativity that can surround each of us.

Plough ahead to get ahead!

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