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Positive Mind Set Creates Positive Momentum

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900316369One of my greatest personal frustrations has to do with not understanding why too many people don’t get it!  The “it” to which I refer is the power of a person’s mind.  Yes, yours, too!

According to some statistics I recently read, the human brain is one of the fastest and most prolific “computers” on earth.  For example here are some estimates:

  •       The clock speed allows for an estimated 20 million billion calculations per second
  • Some say the brain has infinite data storage capacity but a more conservative estimate is 100,000 gigabytes
  • Simulating one second of brain activity takes 82,944 processors
  • The world’s fastest supercomputer is about a hundredth of the way to being able to simulate an entire human brain

Well, those statistics are just a few bits of the information I had at my disposal by Googling “calculation speed of human brain.”  There are a total of 703 thousand results from that search.

What does all this say that could have some benefit for you?  Your brain is more powerful than any man made computer to date.  The estimate is anyone currently under the age of 50 will see an inexpensive computer exceed the calculation powers of the human brain.  Until then, though, you are completely and personally in control of your ultimate computer…your brain.  Whatever the direction you give it the calculations will be exactly what you deserve.

So, why not make the directions you give your brain focus always on the positive.  It is with a positive mindset that you progress.  A negative mindset generally makes you regress or, at best wallow in malaise. Your momentum in life toward all you want to be, do or have is in direct relationship to your mindset.

Set it positive not negative!

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