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Positive Thinking Stops Negative Results

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900433093Self-fulfilling prophesy.  You’ve heard that term before and probably have some idea what it means but let’s make sure.  The concept is basically that you make something happen by believing it is probably going to come true.  It does not make any difference whether your frame of reference is negative or positive.  It is your belief (positive or negative) that creates situations in which your expectations are fulfilled.

Pretty powerful concept, wouldn’t you agree?  So powerful you can change your life in any direction you wish by applying it.  Consider a couple of examples:  First, think about the Continental Airlines pilot, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.  If he didn’t believe he and his crew could successfully land that airliner on the surface of the Hudson River, the determination and application of skill to do just that would never have existed.  All those souls would probably have ended up on the bottom of the river, if Captain Sullenberger’s self-fulfilling prophesy had been to the negative.  Secondly, the final outcome for the United States in the Vietnam War was not positive in the sense of a clear victory.  There are a lot of reasons why that was the case but the reality of the situation was none of the U.S. Administrations involved in the managing of the war believed it was winnable.  A clear self-fulfilling prophesy for failure.

So, where is the application of these thoughts to your situation?  Very simply…positive thinking stops negative results through you believing you will create a positive outcome.  Negativity and positivity are polar opposites.  You can’t have one when you have the other.  You either go one way or the other but there really is no happy medium in between.

If you want the results of your life to be positive, manage you life’s activities with a positive self-fulfilling prophesy always in mind.

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