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Potential Becomes Powerfully Greater When the Required Synergy is Present and Personal

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0439536_20140506-163951_1In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of your personal relationships in helping you to become all you can be.  The focus of this post is on the important primary form in which those relationships need to flourish.  I think it is important to make the following comments in light of the ubiquitous use of electronic communications.

Yes, there is a lot to be said for the efficiency of communicating through texts, emails and the like.  Things can be communicated in the flash of our digital age.  Consequently, a lot more information can be communicated in the same amount of time.  But, at what cost in quality?  We all see and hear about it all the time!  Someone hits “send” on a message that they wish they could take back but once it’s out there it is out there forever somewhere!

Now, to my major point…Synergy can be defined as the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together.  As noted in my previous post, your potential is directly impacted by the people with whom you develop relationships.  And, it is your synergy with those same people that drives your potential to greater heights.  In other words, synergy has to be present for potential to blossom.

However, I refer back to a couple of key words in the definition of synergy:  work together.  Synergy with other people becomes its most powerful when the relationships are personal.  Now, it is my contention relationships driven only by electronic communication cannot generate as powerful potential.  There is too much of each message lost in the noise of distraction and the loss of visual connection.

Albert Mehrabein said it over forty years ago:  “55% of every message we convey is carried through visual impact.”  Other than the words in a text or email (and maybe some emotive icons), there is no visual impact.  Over half of the impact of each message is lost.  I contend if you lose half of each message in any personal relationship you absolutely lose half of the potential from that relationship.

Recognize the power in being frequently and totally present with the people with whom you have relationships.  The synergy will be more powerful and the potential more fulfilling.

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