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Power of Positive Thinking Requires Power in Attitude

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387533_20131217-205318_1How many times in your life have you heard about the power of positive thinking?  By now there has to be hundreds, if not thousands, of books on the subject.  All the greats, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, just to name a few have tackled the subject from multiple angles.  Positive thinking, therefore, is a big deal in creating a life of high quality.

Every one of the books on the subject gives you very effective approaches on how to create and maintain a positive mental approach to life.  I’m going to dispense with a list of those books beyond noting above some of the best authors on the subject.  Suffice it to say, if you Google “power of positive thinking” you get over sixty two million results.  Like I say it is a topic of importance.

Here’s the deal on the whole topic for my purposes.  The concept of the power of positive thinking clearly implies an importance to having a good attitude.  In other words, the two words, thinking and attitude are lumped into the same bailiwick.  I don’t believe that serves you well if you want to improve your life through applying the power of positive thinking.

Thinking, by definition is the process of directing your mind towards something or someone.  By contrast, attitude is a way of thinking about something or someone.  Big difference between the two concepts, in my opinion!  Buying into the power of positive thinking is “what” you should do to create a life of fulfillment.  However to get there you have to discipline yourself to the “way” you must think…apply consistently a power in attitude.

In summary, you can read, study and cogitate all you want about the concept of the power of positive thinking but nothing will change until your attitude changes.

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