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Power Up

I love the sound of a powerful engine on anything:  drag racer, jet plane, rocket, power boat, train engine, anything.  There’s something about the guttural rumble of the engine that reverberates substance, strength and performance.  Know what I mean?

Well, just as an engine can generate high power so can you.  On the other hand, the true potential of that power is directly impacted by how you apply it.  Back to the engine for a minute to paint a picture of my point.  If the power of a drag racer, for example, is applied anywhere but on a race track, it’s true potential can never be realized.  Can you imagine going full throttle down the main street of your town in a big time, fully loaded drag racer?  A disaster in the making for sure or sheer disappointment if you see it relatively quietly and slowly meander down the avenue.  The potential is there but the power can’t be applied or appreciated.

Compare that example to your personal ability to power up, so to speak.  Take the concept of power and it’s application in all of your relationships including that with yourself.  If you control others through a position of power, your potential for getting the best out of them is very limited.  People don’t want to be controlled.  They want to be led.  Leading isn’t about controlling.  It’s about inspiring.  Position power dilutes inspiration every time!

On the other hand, when you control yourself you increase your power exponentially.  Leaders seen as in personal control are so inspiring as to be in total control of those they lead.

To power up you can’t push!  To power up exercise personal control and pull!

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