Original and Critical Sales Communication Concepts that Quickly Lead to Greater Sales Results

| Leveraging 3 dimensions for success in sales


Selling is nothing more than an organized communication process to determine another person’s needs and get agreement as to solutions the sales professional offers to meet those needs. A workshop entitled, The Essence of Selling, provides focused learning of original sales communications concepts that lead to greater sales results.

The foundation of the workshop is the three dimensions of sales success: motivation, knowledge and trust. The segment of the workshop dealing with motivation focuses on the common denominators for success, the definition of motivation and personal goal-setting. The focus during the segment dealing with knowledge is on a formula for personal success and an original consultative sales methodology built around the acronym LEAD©. Trust is dealt with using some of my original concepts such as the Push/Pull Theory of Human Interaction© and the Purpose Pull Methodology©. In addition there is deep content on addressing prospective buyer concerns.

I, as speaker/ facilitator, present key concepts throughout the workshop but emphasize participant interaction in the learning process regarding those concepts. This is a highly interactive participant experience of approximately four hours.


  • Gain practical, new knowledge of the entire sales communication process.
  • Know how to immediately apply the new knowledge in real-world selling situations.
  • Take away from the workshop materials to reinforce ongoing learning.
  • Defined first step of an action plan for applying the acquired skills.


Identifying and understanding the tendencies that diminish the potential to build trust with prospective clients can drive sales exponentially. A keynote presentation entitled, The Heart of the Sale, that helps in that identification and understanding is an efficient tool for this challenge.

This presentation also is rich in describing additional factors that are vital to strong sales results. A primary factor is the personal motivation of the sales professional. The heart of this issue is getting oneself motivated to doing all of the things necessary to make that sale. Motivation like that requires focus…focus that comes from compelling, written, specific goals. A discussion, during this presentation, of the “how to’s” for great goal-setting helps in driving stronger sales results.

Another factor to superb sales results is the sales professional’s knowledge of products and the clarifying of prospective client needs as they relate to those products. This part of the keynote presentation builds understanding through the use of my formula for sales success: You – Fear + Prospective Clients – Fear X Trust = Greater Sales©. The resulting understanding for the sales professional can drive more effective sales activity resulting in improved sales results.

I, as speaker, provide a dynamic presentation of substance and style for approximately 1 hour.


  • Uncomplicated view of critical elements to more effective salesmanship.
  • Clarification and use of three keys to sales success.
  • Skills to help avoid a potential block to building trust.