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Prisoner For Your Thoughts

Gotcha!  I know.  You saw the title of this post and couldn’t resist taking a look.  You always thought the statement was:  “Penny for your thoughts.”  Yup.  I’d agree but I’m not talking pennies, here.  I’m talking potential!

Ya’ see.  I believe many of us are prisoners of our own thinking.  We don’t give ourselves a chance at all the opportunities in our lives because of our limited thinking.  We think “can’t” or “couldn’t” rather than “can” or “could.”  We think “won’t” rather than “will.”  We’re convinced it’s “not possible” rather than “possible.”  Thinking like that is absolutely as confining as any walls of any prison anywhere in this world!

Negative thoughts create your own living hell right between your ears.  Life’s opportunities aren’t realized out there.  They are realized in there…right between your ears…in that little thing we all call our brains.

The only thing limiting the thinking in your brain are the switches you  flip.  Unlike the gates of a real prison, you, as the inmate, can flip the switches that turn on the positive power of your brain and open up the gates of opportunity.

Don’t be the inmate.  Be the gate keeper of your thoughts and open up all your potential in life!

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