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Progress Rut

There really is no secret to it.  We make it a big secret too often but it isn’t.  Really!  I wouldn’t tease you.  Oh, okay.  I guess that may be what I’m doing with this series of sentences.

Let’s get to it then.  Progress doesn’t just happen.  By definition, making progress suggests a repetition of effort over time.  You can see that idea illustrated in so many ways.  Take for example the Oregon Trail out in the western part of the United States.  Even after well over one hundred years the ruts carved into the earth by the wagon wheels can still be seen.  Thousands of wheels passing over the same path thousands of times created those ruts leading to the progress of settling the western U.S.

Another example…a rut has been worn up the side of Ayers Rock (Uluru) in the Australian Outback by the repeated passing of thousands of feet.  Even a rock hard surface can’t stand up to the repetition of thousands of human feet progressing up the side of this amazing site.  There’s plenty of other examples but those two will do for now.

Here’s the point for you and your progress in life.  Your progress is in direct proportion to the force of your thinking.  The force of your thinking is driven by the repetition of your thoughts.  In short, you must create a rut of thinking through repetitive thoughts.

You can’t create that rut with one thought!  One thought might be a great idea but an idea not repetitively acted on is not progress.

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