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Progressive Thinking

No!  Absolutely not!  This is not a political commentary.  Frankly, politics is one of my least favorite topics.  For too many people it’s so emotional that it becomes irrational.

Where I’m going with this post is concerning thinking in stages.  The advantage to such thinking is the ultimate level of thought or progression of thoughts is one of blinding clarity.  Blinding clarity puts things in such a clear frame of reference that it forces you to progress from thinking to actually acting on the topic to which the progressive thinking refers.

The fact is if you don’t act on your thoughts they are wasted, unused, and totally without effect, usually.  To paraphrase a famous truism:  Actions speak louder than thoughts.

So, let’s do a little progressive thinking.  The pessimist complains about failure.  The optimist expects each failure to take her/him one step closer to success.  The realist knows that one must fail if one is ever to succeed.

Success is progressive thinking through repeated failures.

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