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Prompting Passion

Life is an amazing thing from so many angles.  Probably first and foremost is the absolute miracle of each of us as living, breathing human beings.  I read a statistic somewhere that stated scientists have estimated the physiological odds of anyone of us being born at 2,240 trillion to one.  Astonishing!

If you tried to put that number into some perspective, it could be converted into representing over twelve million round trips to the sun.  Our best efforts so far have allowed us only a few round trips to the moon!  Like I said, just from this one perspective life is truly amazing.

So, here we are these living, breathing individual miracles called human beings.  What I find even more astonishing than the miracle of our existence is the fact that many of us never maximize the potential of our individual miracle of life.  We accept it as fact and kind of roll through our lives with mediocrity and, with a sense of disinterest.

What’s the source of that malaise or disinterested mediocrity?  I believe the answer is a simple one.  It’s my opinion too many of us never search out those things in our life that create passion in our souls.  We never take the risks necessary many times to find those sources of individual passion that can drive us beyond the mediocrity of disinterest.

So if finding your passion is the key to full and rich life experiences how do you find your sources of passion?  I believe the answer is embodied in the following thought I recently had.  “No passion is born without a vision of something that is so clear it instills an emotional drive to achieve that vision.  Conversely, no vision is ever achieved without passion.”

In summary, if you want to prompt that passion that is deep down in the soul of every human being–even you–create a vision of something that drives a deep emotional desire to realize it.

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