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Proper Pain Always Results in Personal Gain

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900414035Hey! Don’t worry!  I’m not talking about damaging physical pain.  Rather, I’m focused on the reality that physical and/or psychological comfort can, too often, portend stagnation in your life.  Getting to where you would rather be usually is going to involve you leaving your comfort zone.  It’s the old adage:  No pain…no gain.

Millions of words have been written about the power of establishing written goals in your life.  Even more powerful is to verbalize those goals to other people.  Here’s a link to a short blog post that reinforces that point in a very practical way.  As the blog post attests, the additional psychological commitment the verbalization creates increases the chance exponentially that you will achieve the goal.

So, the bottom-line is whatever the personal gain is that you desire it’s going to require you stretch a little.  I call that stretch, proper pain.  The point is the worst thing you can do is set unrealistically painful goals because they require too much of a stretch from where you are to where you want to be.  To put that another way, whatever the stretch factor required to reach your goal, it must be achievable.

Example:  You have a lovely little 27 foot boat and you want to get a new one but you have a limited budget.  The goal with proper pain might be to upgrade to a 32 foot boat.  An unrealistically painful goal might be for you to try to stretch to a 57 foot cabin cruiser.

If you want to experience definite personal gain from your goal setting, your goals have to be achievable.  Otherwise, you can become discouraged and experience a depressing pain.

Try it.  Write down a goal you have that if you worked at it you could realistically achieve it.  When you have the goal clearly defined in writing, verbalize it to other people.  Enjoy the inspiring journey as you pursue the goal.

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