Life’s Ride or Fall… You Make the Call

Thoughts, Stories, Lessons Learned and Actionable Ideas to Help Create the Ride of Your Life!

book-lifes-ride-or-fall-large-3New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

The word, legacy, has a heavy feel to it.  At the very least it can leave you feeling daunted and at the worst you realize it carries with it the weight of your actions throughout life.  The ideas in this book help you lift the weight of your legacy off your shoulders.  Those same ideas guide you to take action to create a legacy that resonates with all you leave behind.  It is those ideas that led the book to receive an honorable mention at the New York Book Festival.  What follows is one reviewer’s thoughts about the book.  You can read more reviews by following the link to on this page.

Every new horizon is cloaked in a mist of uncertainty,” the author writes. “The only way to clear the mist and see the sharp edge of opportunity on the horizon is by using a roadmap—a plan of action.

In this well-organized and engaging volume, author Gary Greenfield asks readers to define the legacy they would like to leave, and offers the story of his own rise to success as a guide to the excitement and fulfillment of a life well lived.

Montana, with its vast open sky, ranches, and colorful characters, was the setting of the author’s early life, and the feeling of being in the saddle is the thread that weaves itself through the story of his life from a poor and conflict-ridden early childhood to the achievement of his dreams. Using personal examples, he shows how readers can follow the trail of events in their own lives and read the signs along the way to achieve personal, relationship, and career success.

Greenfield tells the story of his early life on a ranch, followed by a description of his job in sales and his serendipitous introduction to the insurance industry. After three decades of working in financial services, including the successful management of thousands of sales managers and representatives and the handling of a multi-million-dollar budget, Greenfield left corporate life to begin a new career as a professional speaker, trainer, business consultant/coach, and author. He founded Performance Alliance, L.C. to help people and organizations improve their performance and develop inspirational leadership skills. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, the Florida Speakers Association (of which he is currently President), and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. He is also an Executive Club member of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce.

Greenfield teaches by example.

Greenfield teaches by example. Male readers will especially appreciate his practical, no-words-wasted approach to overcoming life’s challenges. His streamlined presentation offers first a “Thought,” describing his topic; next comes “The Story,” an episode from his life shared as though he were in the room with the reader, telling the tale; “The Lesson” helps the reader apply the story to his or her own life and encourages belief in a positive outcome even when appearances may be to the contrary, and “The Suggested Action” gives clear steps to mastery of each chapter’s lesson.

Greenfield does not side-step difficult issues or try to cover up his own personal or professional failings, but uses them to illuminate his teaching. Many spiritual teachers have used the term “detachment,” without demonstrating how such a concept might play out in the day-to-day world of business, but through his ability to see “what is” in a situation without being overly attached to a particular outcome or way of doing things, Greenfield shows how it is possible to move freely among alternatives until the best possible outcome is revealed. His book is a good-natured account of an average man’s rise to success, and a map of the trail leading to the legacy of a life well lived.

Kristine Morris