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Pumpkin Planning

There’s something about that first frost on the pumpkin out in the pumpkin patch. There’s a quickening of the spirit…a feeling of impending change…an almost excelerating acceptance of change coming in the seasons. Even though it’s cold you feel a sense of warmth as your metabolism quickens. Similarly, there’s something about that first fire in the fireplace on that crisp, cold fall day which placed the frost on the pumpkin. It truly warms the soul.

Whether it’s the first frost on the pumpkin or the first fire in the fireplace, it’s a great time to look into your soul and determine what you want for its future. Someone once said, “Wishing consumes as much energy as planning.” You can’t sit in front of that fireplace and wish for a bright future. You have to create that bright future and it begins with your understanding of and commitment to the power of planning.

The fire in the fireplace can serve as the catalyst to dreaming about what you want. Use the power of the warmth of the moment and your emotions to drive you to taking the next step…converting the dreams to focused action. In other words, in those moments, capture the most emotionally powerful dreams that set your metabolism to racing. It is that emotional power that will get you over the state of inertia and into active planning to drive your dreams into reality.

Your brightest and most successful future is assured through having emotionally meaningful goals and committing to those goals through having a written action plan that provides you the roadmap to those goals. The first frost on the pumpkin or the first fire in the fireplace tend to be reflective times of the year because they portend the inevitable slide into the end of one year and the beginning of another. Your new year will always be brighter and more successful if you did your “pumpkin planning” the previous fall.

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