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Quality Alone

You can search and search for the holy grail of success.  Or, you can decide it is not about a search but about a succession of choices.  Choices that are ruled by quality alone, if you are to truly achieve all that you can be.

Weak, poor quality choices always result in less options to success in the future.  Success is guaranteed only when quality options to achieve it are many and varied.  And, then you make a quality effort at sorting out and acting on the best of those options.

We could go on and on about the various types of quality choices you must make from defining what your purpose is to deciding on the action steps to achieve that purpose, etc.  But, the true north of it all is being able at each point of choice (that you determine is important to you) to focus on quality alone concerning that decision.  In other words, it’s not as much about what choices you make as it is the quality of those choices.

If, in whatever your pursuit, you’re a quality chooser, you can’t be a loser!

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