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b2ap3_thumbnail_Atomic-Bomb-ExplosionWhenever I think of the concept of radiation, I feel a sense of ominous reserve.  I kind of pull back and don’t want to get near it, so to speak.  I mean…you see and hear such negative things about the effects of too much radiation.  With those well-defined side effects, why would anybody want to get near it?

Well, it really comes down to the form of radiation being referred to.  Obviously, the effects of radiation from the various radio-active materials out there would seem to be very damaging.  However, there is another aspect to the concept…radiation of positive vibes.  There’s no doubt sending forth an aura of positivity has a favorable impact on you and all those around you.

Now, here’s the problem.  You can radiate positive or negative vibes.  Trust me; the glow from those two opposing vibes is very different yet just as impactful.  Let’s consider what radiation of negative vibes might look and feel like.

Your day begins with a groan and a slow slithering out of bed to face your miserable world…negative vibes.  Every contact with another human being leaves them drained of any good feelings because your negative vibes pull every one down.  Your mind is a muddle of negative perspectives resulting in depression and inactivity…negative vibes.  Life is too short for you to continue to radiate such negativity!

You make a choice as to being negative or positive.  You can choose to emit a radiation of positivity.  You just have to make the personal decision to flip the switch one way or the other.  Here’s one reason why you should make that choice.  The radiation of negativity is just as debilitating, in effect, as atomic radiation.  In large enough doses it is absolutely fatal!

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