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Random Acts

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900414039Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  That was a favorite line of a 60’s TV character by the name of Gomer Pyle.  Gomer, played by Jim Nabors, portrayed classic humor of the day for TV.  Here’s a link to season one, episode one of the TV series, if you’re interested.

But, as they say, I digress.  Gomer’s favorite line is relevant now because living a successful life is not about surprise after surprise after surprise.  To say that another way, living life is not about performing a series of random acts.  If all it took to live a successful life was a series of random acts, anyone could do it.  You and I both know far too many people who have lived lives of utter failure for random acts to be the source of success.

Consider this…failed lives usually have a predominant characteristic.  All failed lives show a pattern of lack of focus and self-discipline.  The people living those lives, therefore, wandered through a series of random acts that never jelled into substance and ultimately success.

By contrast, lives lived successfully predominantly occur because those living through the experience have some kind of passionate focus from which they draw self-discipline.  The passion and related self-discipline compels them to live their lives “planfully”…with a sense of order and clear direction.  Their lives progress from one planned action to the next and always with a clear goal in mind.

Of course there are surprises along the way in any life, including successful ones, but those surprises don’t result in random acts to overcome them. Surprises, in a successful life, are expected and seen as opportunities to grow toward the ultimate goal by adapting the original plan accordingly.

To summarize, random acts in life result in unsettling surprises.  Planned actions result in surprises becoming a part of the solution to living a successful life.

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