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Reach for the Stars Can Be Reachable for You

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433236_20140402-191107_1I know it sounds ridiculous!  No one can reach the stars.  The scientific proof might be the example of the very few satellites launched from earth which have arrived in interstellar space.  By definition, interstellar space is the region of space between star systems within a galaxy.  That says to me nothing or no one has reached the stars!

So, why does the title of this post suggest a reach for the stars can be reachable for you?  Well, the title doesn’t say, “reach the stars.”  There’s a big difference!  If you reach for the stars doesn’t necessarily mean you actually get there.  On the other hand, if you did reach for the stars and you ended up traveling among them (interstellar), would that be rewarding?

Here’s the key point in my argument.  If you have an attitude that limits your thinking as to certain goals being out of reach, you will never even remotely travel among them.  You will remain grounded in a “wish” mentality of mediocrity.   A “wish” mentality is one with no momentum because all you are doing is wanting.  You can’t just want your goals in life.  You have to reach for them by acting on a plan to get them.

Referring back to the title, if you do your best to reach a particular goal and you actually travel very close or near it, would you have lifted yourself from where you are to closer to where you want to be?  You bet!  And, if you are closer to where you want to be it implies movement forward.  An attitude of always moving forward will always make your goals ultimately reachable.

You’ve heard what, now, some might consider a cliché.  “Your altitude depends on your attitude.”  Your attitude is everything when it comes to reaching for the stars regarding your life’s goals.  Believe in yourself and all things truly do become reachable!

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