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Realizing Potential and Fear Is an Oxymoron

b2ap3_thumbnail_00407151_20140226-210220_1There is no denying the old adage that knowledge is power.

With that in mind, I want to share with you the knowledge of my formula for success in life and then build on a critical element of that formula.  The formula is:  You – Fear + Opportunities X Action = Greater Success.

As human beings we all avoid what we fear.  We fear the unknown.  Therefore, we avoid the unknown.  I don’t know who first expressed those thoughts but I do know they are as accurate and relevant today as when first spoken.

What is stupid about our fear of the unknown is, by definition, we don’t even know what we fear!  We say things like, “Oh.  I’m afraid to do that!  I just know I’m not capable!  How do we know that?  Do we have some kind of Harry Potter level of wizardry that tells us that in advance of the actual experience?  What a terrible spell to be under.

The anecdote to that spell is this:  Your level of knowledge about your current skills and how those skills need to be utilized and/or improved in order to meet your goals in life is directly proportional to your level of fear.  The less you know the more you fear.  Conversely, the more you know the less you fear.

If you don’t know clearly what your goals are you introduce a major unknown into your potential for success.  If you don’t have strong understanding of how your skills can be used or need to be improved, you introduce a major unknown into your potential for success.

Your greatest opportunities for success in life may lie in that which is unknown to you today.  Remember, the unknown can be your enemy because your fear can stop you from exploring it but improved knowledge and skills will overcome both.

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