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There’s a lot said these days about the uncivil way many of us are treating each other.  You can see that lack of civility on a daily basis almost.  If it’s not the politicians shouting down opposing views, it’s a hyperventilated citizen screaming obscenities.  Or, how about the incidents of road rage we all see or hear about?  Amazing!  Also, scary.

In the final analysis, all we have to truly depend on is each other.  Few, if any, of us can live a long and productive life in a vacuum.  It’s proven statistically time and time again.  Yes, our genes contribute to our potential for a long life.  Additionally, however, the importance of other-directed relationships to living a long life is irrefutably confirmed.  Those relationships can be human or animal in some form.

But, to confirm the importance of sincerity in those relationships, think about the power in the following thought.  “One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.”- Loren Eiseley, anthropologist

I hope you like what you see in that reflection.

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