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Remember This!

Your memory is a wonderful thing.  What would you do without it?  Hell…I don’t know…I forget!

Seriously.  Think about the miracle of being able to remember things.  Things that give you comfort.  Things that make you laugh.  Things that make you cry.  Things that inspire you.  Things that depress you.  Things that only you, in your uniqueness, have to remember.

What a wonderful reservoir, for a new beginning every minute of every day.  Your memory is the launch pad for the direction of your future.  Use the negative remembrances for their lessons not their discouragement.  Use the positive remembrances for their inspiration.  Use the entire volume of your memory as a “big screen” view of your uniqueness and, therefore your potential to contribute to the people and world around you.

Remember this!  Nobody else can do what you can do because they don’t remember exactly the same things you do.

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