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Renew to Create

Here’s the point.  You weren’t put here only to use but to create.  By create, I mean a lot of things.  Things like:  a great life for you and your family; contributions to the well-being of your fellow man through application of your knowledge and skills, to name just a couple.

Okay.  Now, comes the reality check.  You can’t create your best stuff if you don’t renew your old stuff.  In other words, your contributions in life can only be as good as the effort you put forth to constantly develop yourself.  Life is a journey of renewal not of deterioration.  Well…that too…but the speed of your deterioration  is in direct proportion to the intensity of your renewal.  Frequent, intense renewal begets slow and delayed deterioration.

Stay focused on renewing your knowledge base daily.  Renew the strength of your body through exercise.  Renew your mental energy and creativity through connecting, in your own way, to your spirituality.  Constantly hone your skills to renew your ability to perform under current circumstances.

Probably nothing new that you’ve read here but I wanted to renew your awareness of it to create a sense of focus and urgency.

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