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Repeat Failures

So, the burning question for many of us in life is:  What’s it take to achieve success?  I hope that is a question you have, too.  If it is, then consider the following thoughts because the fact is success is only failures away.

A lot of people have written a lot of things about the keys to success and therefore, how to achieve it.  My own view is the essence of what it takes to succeed is embodied in this phrase:  You will know how.  Here’s a synopsis of what that phrase means as to your success.

First, the you part of the phrase captures the key to making the other three words relevant.  In other words, if you don’t believe in you nothing else matters.  You will not achieve success.

The will part of the phrase is critical because success never comes easy.  As a consequence, if you want to truly succeed in life you have to develop and maintain the will to do all the things necessary to achieve success…even the things you don’t want to do.

If you were to read a book about every person who’s been highly successful, you would find another constant theme throughout each person’s story.  All of them recognized the importance of constantly growing their knowledge and skills throughout their lives.  The more you know and the more you know how the more you will become.  Thus, the reason, in my view, for the third and fourth words in the above phrase summarizing the keys to success.

But, the meaning behind the four words that I see as providing a roadmap to success can only be truly discovered through multiple failures in life.  In my opinion, it is impossible to succeed without having repeatedly failed.  It’s the living through the failures that defines who you are, steels your will, develops your knowledge and hones your skills.

Fail repeatedly…it defines the magnitude of your success!

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