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Resist Being Lost In Time Because You Did Not Change In Time

You are just not going to do it!  It doesn’t make any difference what you are being told or what you are seeing for yourself.  You will not be forced into doing anything differently because of some passing fad or whatever.  You know you’re right…PERIOD!

Oh?  Who anointed you the soothsayer of all things that are right in this world?  Things will change, do change and have changed so it’s up to you to adapt accordingly.  Here’s a fact as I see it.  Those who can’t change with the times will get lost in time.

Nothing remains static!  Correction!  Nothing remains static until its dead.  Is that the condition you wish for yourself?

Change is that circumstance where everything impacted becomes something else.  When circumstances become something else, your approach has to become something else.  It’s like an old truism I have quoted before:  “The past is valuable as a guidepost but dangerous if used as a hitching post.”

If you want to move forward and live a good life, you must change with the times.  In fact, it would be even better, if you remained so alert to impending change that you changed not just in time but even before time.  Another truism:  “The early bird gets the worm.”  The implications being you stay ahead in life by staying ahead of change.

Learn to read the tea leaves, so to speak.  Resist being lost in time by staying ahead of time.  Timely actions deliver timely change.  Timely change delivers times of change.  Times of change deliver opportunities every time.

Okay…I’m out of time!

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