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Rest Is Work

Okay.  Admit it.  You’re feeling over-worked and under-rested.  Bad!  Bad!  Bad!  Right?

So, what do you have to do to overcome the perceived problem?  Get some rest, of course!  But, then you may ask, Why? or How?  Let’s take the why first.

When you are over-worked you become under-powered in every aspect of your being.  You can’t get as much done because you’re tired.  You make more errors because you’re tired.  Things take longer to do because you’re less alert…because you’re tired.  Need I say more?

Conversely, when you rest from time to time you’re re-energized with power.  You are able to speed through your task list and with fewer errors AND more efficiently, in terms of time.

But, here’s the kicker.  And, it relates to your question above of “How?”

Rest is work.  It can’t just happen willy, nilly.  You have to work at planning for your times of rest and relaxation.  “Get some rest” should be on your daily to-do list just like each of your myriad of other tasks are.  The operative word there being, myriad.  It’s because of your overwhelming list of tasks that dictates you won’t get enough rest, if you don’t have “get some rest” on your list!

Rest assured.  Now, get to work!

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