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I like that word.  It has such a positive ring to it.  It’s seems to me to be filled with potential.  I mean…who wouldn’t want something new or surprising to be revealed to them?  It sounds exciting.

That said, I’m not talking about a section of the Bible, here.  I’m focusing on you and the revelations you provide yourself on a daily basis.  My hope is you are revealing new things to yourself each and every day!

Let’s make sure I’m being fair to you.  As I think of the concept of revelations, I think about finding or learning something that was previously unknown.  It could also be something that comes along as a surprise.  The point is revelations is what puts interest into our lives.  Without them, there is nothing new and when there is nothing new all you have is something old.  Having only something old can quickly lead you to being old!

I don’t believe the cycle of life is about growing old.  I believe it is an opportunity to have daily revelations that allow us to grow in maturity as it relates to wisdom, well-being, and the related wealth.

So, spend your days searching for revelations that encourage your growing maturity.  Watch for opportunities to say to yourself:  I didn’t know that before!  Having gained that new knowledge, immediately determine how you can use it to grow personally, or help someone else grow.

Acting on your revelations in that way will provide a source of energy and vitality that themselves will be a revelation.

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