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You’re more rich than you might think!  Now, don’t look at your bank balance or that of your 401K.  I’m not talking about that kind of rich.  No doubt money is nice but it won’t buy you true “riches.”

Every form of material riches you can acquire can be taken away.  You could lose it through bad decisions, difficult economic times or even theft.  Material riches generally are not permanent.  They fade away in one form or another.

The riches of your inner you are forever.  When you leave this earth the people you leave behind won’t spend much time talking about the incredible boat you owned, or whatever.  They will talk about the quality of your humanity.  They will smile about the wonder of your sense of humor.  They will take pride in the integrity you always exhibited.  They will feel warm with love when reflecting on the beauty in your soul.  They will remember you for the wealth of memories you gave them.

Now, that is true riches!  I told you you are rich!

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