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Risk Not, Grow Not

Funny how many of us spend our lives trying to avoid risk.  We think safe is a good way to go about living our lives.  I can understand that thinking but I challenge you to overcome it as the only way to approach life.

I think as human beings we have a certain arrogance about our ability to control the risk in our life.  Interesting…but is it realistic or even desirable?  I know there are those of us that contend our ability to reason is a key to our perceived superior position in the animal kingdom.  But, does our ability to reason help us avoid risk?

Think about it.  Millions of reasonable people have lost their lives in horrific natural disasters because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Nature took its course and they were trapped in the circumstances regardless of their ability to reason.  What was perceived as potentially a low risk situation turned into catastrophic risk through no doing of their own.

Here’s my point.  Life is a risk.  We don’t know how long we have to live!  Isn’t it a risk to presume we’re each going to live to a ripe old age?

Why waste the opportunities that could be created from taking calculated risks in your life?  In short, low risk could be high risk.

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