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Road or Park?

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438355Funny thing about roads!  We’ve all experienced a time when we were on some road, usually in an urban area, and all of a sudden it turns into a parking lot, so to speak.  The flow along the road comes to a complete stop due to some type of interruption.  It could be a wreck, construction, weather issues…whatever.  The point is the road is no longer a clear route to your destination.  It has become an obstruction to getting there.

Well, that’s a few comments of the blinding obvious, right?  So, what’s my point?  Certainly, I don’t want to become a roadblock to your success so I’ll get right to it.

Let’s say you truly are on the road to success.  I don’t want to be presumptive here but by the fact you’re taking the time to read this blog post suggests you are interested in achieving greater success.

Again, you’re on the road to success but as you’re flying along that road at a clip that would scare a traffic cop your eyes are diverted ever so slightly.  Instead of focusing solely on your ultimate destination you allow (emphasis on allow) your attention to be diverted.  If the diversion is powerful enough, you will have to leave the road and park so you can satisfy your curiosity.

You can’t park your way to success!  You absolutely have to hold your focus on the road to your success and not allow (there’s that word again!) for diversions that require you to park.  The way you stay on the road to success and not get parked is through a seven step plan:

  1. Create meaningful goals to which you have a deep emotional attachment.
  2. Transfer that emotion into a specific and detailed roadmap that will lead you to your goals.
  3. Act on the road signs you have built into your roadmap.
  4. Recognize and be prepared for the unexpected to throw up barriers along the road to success.
  5. Adapt your roadmap accordingly…DON’T GET PARKED!
  6. Enjoy the scenery when you reach your destination.
  7. Look for new destinations; build a new roadmap; and, start the process all over.

In short, there are No Parking signs along the entire length of the super highway to success.

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