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Rosy Cheeks

Rosy cheeks are a wonderful thing! They prove we are alive and kicking!

My question to you is what is it you are doing to maximize the chance that you will be alive and kicking for a long and productive life span? Rosy cheeks occur because we have done something to stimulate the blood flow to them. We’re most alive and kicking when we have a blood flow that is coursing powerfully throughout our entire bodies.

The nourishing power of our blood flow is directly related to amount of use we give our bodies. The experts tell us it takes a minimum of sixty minutes of various forms of physical exercise at least three times per week to even begin to achieve a reasonable level of physical well-being. Don’t take my word for it. Talk to your doctor and, then as appropriate, follow the Nike mantra: “Just do it!” But, then, just as the Energizer Bunny you have to “keep going and going and going!”

From now on, whenever you say, “Everything is looking rosy,” be sure that includes your cheeks because you have a consistent and varied exercise routine.

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