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Sacrificing Tomorrow for Today

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dangling-Carrot_20131222-170219_1You know exactly how it feels.  You want it now regardless of what it will cost you in the future and so there is no stopping you.  It’s done!  You’re going to be it, have it or do it come hell or high water.  Well, good luck to you but consider some of the following thoughts before making that leap.

Yes, there is power in remaining in the moment rather than over-emphasizing a focus on the future.  This is particularly true when you emphasize the future to the degree that you fret about it at the expense of enjoying your life today.  Clearly such an attitude is just as unhealthy as what I am suggesting sacrificing tomorrow for today is.  Let’s explore what I mean.

Consider this…sacrificing is when you are willing to accept the forfeiture of something highly valued in the future for the sake of something you consider to have a greater value or claim on your enthusiasm today.  You could think about that thought in this way, also.  As to the highly valued future thing, you are willing to relinquish it at less than its future presumed value.  Either way making a decision to be short-sighted in this way is usually driven by the urge for immediate gratification versus deferred greater benefit.

Probably the best illustration of such folly in thinking is when you are willing to draw money out of your retirement saving plan for the exhilaration of driving that shiny new car.  Of course the value of the car begins to immediately decrease and, the real bad news is, so do your retirement savings!  Talk about sacrificing tomorrow for today!

So, yes, don’t sacrifice everything you desire today and push it off to the future.  On the other hand, you must strike a balance and not make stupid decisions today that permanently and negatively impact your entire future.  You’ve got to think before you act and not always emote and then do. Intelligent deferral of emotion driven immediate gratification can give you greater peace of mind for all of your tomorrows.  I hope you agree that is worth the sacrifice!

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