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Scary Sight

My guess is you’re like most, if not all of us.  You don’t necessarily like being unexpectedly frightened.  The source of the fright can come from a number of circumstances but it always seems to result in at least one thing…a scary sight!  It’s a sight that can become indelibly etched in your minds-eye and often results in total paralysis.  You can’t respond to the sight in anyway.  You’re frozen in fear.  Been there…done that…right?  It’s not a position most of us want to put ourselves in very frequently, if ever.

Let’s consider this whole idea from the perspective of you living up to your potential in life.  The ultimate scary sight might be the vision of reaching the end of your life with a deep sense of regret for what you haven’t done vs. what you have.  There’s nothing you can do about such a scary sight at that point.  It’s too late!

The obvious solution to such a situation is to not let life’s interim scary sights stop you from achieving what you want during your life.  As I said, scary sights can sometimes result in you being frozen in time, so to speak.  You’re so scared you can’t take any action.  When you can’t take action is when you can’t get results.  When can’t get results, you can’t possibly succeed at anything.  Scary, huh?

Here’s the bottom-line on all this.  You can’t let the scary prospect of roadblocks to your goals stop your pursuit of those same goals.  Regardless of how scary the sight of a particular roadblock to your objective is, if you stop…you lose!

You have to look past the fright of roadblocks and see only the opportunity for which you are striving.  Such a concentrated focus changes a scary sight into a vision of success.

What a sight that would be, right?

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