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Scary Warning Signs Falling Down a Dark Hole Can Kill Your Future

Ever look down into what felt and looked like a bottomless pit?  That’s a very disorienting and scary experience for most of us.  We begin to conjure all kinds of fantasies regarding the horrors of what we would experience were we to fall in.

Right there is the first warning sign the dark hole of your past is threatening your future.  You see…your past can be just like that bottomless pit.  The horrors you conjure about your past experiences stop you (or, at least slow you down) from creating great things in your future.

Too much falling into negative reflection on your past limits your potential in the future.

Another warning sign is when your reflections concerning your past leave you with a sense of embarrassment.  You did too many stupid things in your past and it is those things on which you dwell entirely too much.  Your past seems to be a pit of stupidity rather than a rich mine of at least an equal number of positive experiences.

When everything you try to do is limited by your sense of failure in your past, you are experiencing another warning sign.  Your future is threatened because all you can recall from your past is failure.

If you can’t see how your failures in the past, are the stepping-stones to a successful future, you clearly are experiencing another warning sign.

Finally, a fifth critical warning sign your past is negatively impacting your future is when you don’t learn from your past mistakes.  If you only focus on the misery of making mistakes and not how those experiences can improve things for you in the future, your future is lost to those mistakes of the past.

Interestingly, the solution for the above five warning signs is the same for each one.  Think of your past as not etched in stone but as a quarry of building blocks for creating your future.  Each building block may have a horror story of past mistakes but you reshape them into a solid foundation for your future.   In short, you learn from your mistakes when reflecting on your past.

Fill in the bottomless pit of your past by focusing on what you will do differently in your future.  What will you do differently?

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