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Seasons of Attitude

Each season of the year brings a different feel to our lives. We adjust to that feel in so many ways including our attitudes. It is that inevitable change in the feel of each season and, potentially, our attitudes that I wish to discuss in this week’s entry. My hope is you will take away a renewed perspective for taking seasonal action throughout each year.

Every year it happens…that first warm day of spring. Recall how you feel on that day. Full of good cheer, lots of energy, plans to clean the garage and hope for the future. A true sense of renewal…probably in more ways than just cleaning the garage, I might add! With the proper exercise of your will, your attitude can make everyday feel like that first warm day in spring.

Then, of course, there is how we feel in summer. Those balmy, bright days have a way of getting us thinking about taking some time off. Great! Just don’t let those summer feelings allow you to adopt an attitude that leads you to permanently lose focus on working toward your dreams.

Let’s take a look at fall. Those crisp fall days get us energized to get back on track toward finishing the year in a big way. Short runway now, though. Did your feelings of summer contentment slow you down too much? How about an attitude that makes every day an energetic fall day in terms of your drive toward your yearly dreams and goals?

And, then, there’s that crackling fire in the fireplace on a cold winter’s day. What a wonderful sense of warmth it delivers to your soul. You feel like you could sit there and bask in the glow for days, weeks even months or years! In fact, it may be a great time to create an attitude that helps you look into your soul and determine what you want for your future. Then, follow-through with a planful attitude of achieving those wants.

Yes, seasons come and seasons go. However, your attitude must be willed to one of consistent drive (flavored by the changing feel of each season) toward the best things that life has to offer.

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