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“Second Class of Success”

I had occasion recently to read excerpts from Theodore Roosevelt’s autobiography. My reading confirmed that Teddy Roosevelt was truly an amazing person in an all encompassing way. He was particularly amazing in terms of the level of success he achieved in his life even though he was challenged in so many ways; not the least of which was his very poor health as a youth.

Anyway, it is an excerpt from Roosevelt’s autobiography where he talks about his views on success that I believe is powerful information for us all. To quote the great man: “But much the commoner type of success in every walk of life and in every species of efforts is that which comes to the man who differs from his fellows not by the kind of quality which he possesses but by the degree of development which he has given that quality. This kind of success is open to a large number of persons, if only they seriously determine to achieve it. It is the kind of success which is open to the average man…who has no remarkable mental or physical attributes, but who gets just as much as possible in the way of work out of the aptitudes that he does possess. It is only this kind of success that is open to most of us. Yet some of the greatest successes in history have been those of this second class.”

It was Teddy Roosevelt’s belief in the potential of the “second class of success” that transformed a sickly child into one of the greatest achievers of all time. The moral of the story is most of us fall into this category of “second class citizens” which means that we don’t have to settle for “second place” results in any aspect of our lives!

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